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3 days ago

On behalf of our follows we thank God for is mercy. We welcome you to this Glorious Service Sunday.

1 week ago

God can change your situation……Worship with us today, He will change your sorrow to JOY.

1 week ago

God is waiting to bless your handwork….Worship with us today and enjoy his favour.

1 week ago

Type Amen

1 week ago

Five (5) Sunday Anointing Service,(Divine Visitation)……Worship with us and experience tremendous change in your business.

1 week ago

We Welcome you to this wonderfull and glorious Sunday Service as you follow us……..

2 weeks ago

MamaOlomi now-now Live on ACBN-TV!
Connect with Prophetess Modupeola Oluyemi-Eyinloju Eledumare (MamaOlomi now-now) 4:30pm – 5:00pm every Saturday on ACBN-TV

2 weeks ago

Pro Modupeola Oluyemi – Eyinloju Eledumare

Word for Thought.
God bless us as we adjust by his grace.

Let’s talk about Proverb 10:21.
GOD’s blessings starts with the words that come forth from your mouth.

How many people have you fed with goodly, godly blessings in positive words coming out of your

Be mindful of your words,
Your words bless lives
Your words ruin lives
Your words can build and can destroy.

Would you rather be a blessing or a curse?
Get used to little phrases such as:

1. You are blessed dear
2. It is well with you inside-out
3. God is your strength etc

It’s up to you to make the right choice that will endear God to move to sustain you in greater dimensions in all areas of your live! See more

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