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2 days ago

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Take a minute, reflect over your troubles, challenges, struggles, sufferings etc, whatever you are passing through!!!

It is important you realize the truth that ”in whatever you are passing

GOD wants you to realize that TRUTH, shake up your NAIVETY, stop acting like a CHILD and be a MAN

GOD planted YOU as WHEAT to prosper, flourish, flowing nutrients and blessings to your generation.

The devil is JEALOUS of YOU. he envies the full contents of GOD’s purpose for YOU.

The bible reveals that:
The jealous devil who does not want the integrity of GOD’s purpose for your LIFE to manifest comes in at night while YOU are asleep to sow TAR in calculated strategic moves to disrepute GOD’s integrity and strain the relationship between YOU and GOD

The devil is the enemy in your LIFE.

The enemy sows TAR among the WHEAT to curtail GOD’s intentions for you to blossom and flourish BUT that does not make you TAR,

WHEAT can NEVER turn to TAR
TAR is TAR, an unwanted weed and would be uprooted.
GOD planted you as WHEAT!
You are still GOD’s planting no matter the presence of challenges;
WHEAT with intact potentials, inborn wealth power and integrity!

You gotta rise and realize that you are WHEAT not TAR, ignore the encroachment of challenges (the battle is not yours!),

Action Tips to start the process of reclaiming your potentials:

1. Get a clean sheet of paper, write your challenges (TAR) down to present them before God for divine removal! Psalm 45:1, IIChronicle 20:15B, Luke 19:27,

2. Humble your heart, mind and thoughts, ask GOD to forgive your errors, mistakes, naivety and foul/wrong statements to yourself/GOD psalm 51:1-4, Psalm 19:12-13, Psalm 25:11

3. Ask God to intervene, take up the battle and restore his joy in your life Psalm 25:17, Matthew 15:13, Jeremiah 15:21, Jeremiah 30:17, Psalm 16:11

4.Concentrate on the integrity of GOD’s intentions for you and act as WHEAT! with fullness of praise, worship and supplication embedded in thanksgiving!!!!! Jeremiah 29:11, Genesis 1:28, -31, Ephesians 1:3, Psalm 16:5-6,11 Psalm 1:3

You are who you are, DO NOT PERMIT any circumstance steal your integrity!!!!!

Do you believe you will Laugh over TARs by God’s Grace???

I stand on the authority of the God of the soul of the prophets……..The GOD of Prophet Felix Oluyemi Baba Olomi Now-Now, I connect to you by faith, and I release 2 prophetic grace into your life:

1. As it is written, Proverbs 10:22…..This week, you shall prosper without struggling.

2. As it is written, 86:17 This week shall manifest obvious signs of the fullness of God’s blessings in all areas of your endeavor.

IT IS DONE in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!!!

Remain Blessed. See more

3 weeks ago

we bless the name of the lord for a miraculous service filled with prophesy,deliverance and blessing.
Our weekly programmes are as follows;
On Tuesday:deliverance service(9am-12noon)
On Wednesday See more

3 weeks ago

Sermon Topic: Change your wardrobe
Speaker: Apostle Cyprian
Bible verses: Jeremiah 29 verse 11, Zechariah 3 verse 3-5, Hebrew 12 verse 14, Mathew 5 verse 13-14,15-16, John 14 verse 6, Number 21

No matter how much money you make or how great your accomplishments are, without doing the will of God you are on wrong side and you will not be able to enjoy good relationship with your maker..
Change your ways. Be sure to spend quality time with God by reading your bible and abide by the rules and directive of God words day by day and show love and treat everyone around you with compassion and understanding. If you have been neglecting to walk with God is never to late to change your ways to right part and reconciling your relationship.with your God. You must be willing to make compromises and even admit that you were wrong.
Make new, meaningful relationships with God.
Be proactive to do the work of God. Let your behaviours attract other people to do the will of God always. See more

3 weeks ago

Testimony Time: Sister Mercy Israel is testifying to the glory for expansion of her business,she met with our father in Lord some time ago that her place of work is small for her now and she need a See more

3 weeks ago

The God of the soul of prophet is moving in the house with our mummy in the Lord Prophetess Omolola Oluyemi (Mama Olomi Nownow).

3 weeks ago

Direct prayers: from the Altar of God, Touch your head wherever you may be and declare that the God of the Prophet should settle your case and uplift me in Jesus name.

3 weeks ago

The Anointing is going on now.

3 weeks ago

You are welcome to first glorious Anointing Sunday service in March from the stable of Kingdom of Love Church of Christ 1,Baba Olomi Close Aguda Ogba ,Lagos. As you follow us in today service God See more

3 weeks ago

We believe tonight Talitha Cumi crusade has bless you in so many way and the blessing will follow up till the end in Jesus name. Amen,
Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for fresh anointing to carry See more

3 weeks ago

Praise Time with Esther Igbekele please join us and praise almighty God.

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