The early formation of the church, The Kingdom of Love Church of Christ, (TKLCC) was established through a vision given to his founder and Prophet, a man of self discipline and purpose, a Prophet with self discipline and purpose, a Prophet with Lion’s heart, Prophet (Dr.) Felix Igbekele-Oluwa Oluyemi, J.P. on October 23, 1994. On a fateful Sunday afternoon, while he was in one of his friend’s office, the Lord opened his eyes and he saw an inscription boldly written as “THE KINGDOM OF LOVE CHURCH OF CHRIST ” and he heard a clear, audible voice saying that “this is the name of your ministry, Now go and worship me. The Church that started with only 5(Five) people as members back then and it has now metamorphosed into over a thousand membership as at today to the glory of God. The Church, TKLCC, has been made a sanctuary and not a cemetery to thousands of lives that have come to worship the living God through the hearing of the living words. The church Today has increased both in leaps and bounds with great miracles, signs and wonders following God’s own ministry. .


Our Belief

Our belief is stemmed from 2nd Chronicles 20:20 “Believe God you shall be established, Believe his Prophets you shall prosper”. We also believe in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ who surrendered his life for the salvation of our souls and this we teach people of all races to accept and believe in him because its only him that can save.


Our Vision

To take God’s word to every living being on the face of the earth and transform them to his Glory.


Our Mission

To librate, restore and review Man’s destiny that have been destroyed to its full purpose that God meant it to be during its creation.


Our Ministry

Our Ministry, TKLCC is a Prophetic Deliverance Ministry and over the year’s, people around the globe has come to know it that way. TKLCC teaches and empowers people with the power of the word to face any challenge of life that may come their way, the deliverance aspect of the ministry is second to none. TKLCC is a holy ministry that follows the pathway of God to deliver Gods children from the pit of hell and bring them to his presence to enjoy his goodness and faithfulness according to Ps 16:11


The Prophet

Prophet(Dr) Felix .I. Oluyemi, JP was born about 52 years ago on march 13, 1960 at Bomodeoku camp, Ondo State, South West, Nigeria to the family of late Pa and Madam Gabriel Oluyemi. His father was a great cocoa farmer and his mother a merchant and they were catholic when he was brought up. He had a stint of western education under the auspices of the FREE EDUCATION scheme of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the former Premier of old Western Region. He thereafter left Ondo to Lagos in the search of the proverbial Golden Fleece and he did several menial jobs until he was brought to Aguda through the hand of late Chief MKO Fayoyin and worked with him for some years before he took up employment with NIGALEX, along Apapa – Oshodi Expressway till he resigned from there to answer God’s call. Today, Prophet (Dr) Felix .I. Oluyemi, JP is a widely travelled Prophet of God; he is happily married to another wonderful Holy Spirit filled woman, Rev (Mrs) Omolola Oluyemi with children. Due to his humble background, he has a large heart for giving that is unrivalled and awesome. His foundation, FELIX OLUYEMI FOUNDATIONS takes care of wisdows, orphans, displaced families irrespective of tribes, nationality to the glory of God. His ministry through the grace of God has a very large followership, with a great signs, miracles and wonders following it. He also has a TV ministry showing on MITV (Saturday 7.30am), ACBN (Saturday 4.30pm).