1. Famine is coming in 2015 and this will visit every nation of the world, but be of good courage, as long as you belong to God, this will not affect you.#‎Babaolonownow‬
2. There will be many accident from now till 31st of December 2014. I pray you shall not be involved in Jesus Name.#Babaolonownow
3. The cost of using electricity will skyrocket in the coming year, many people will not be able to use nor pay for electric power supply.#Babaolonownow
4. The world economy will crash in the coming year and nations that depends on oil wealth will suffer more because the price of crude oil will fall down drastically. #Babaolonownow
5. I can see people running Helter-Skelter immediately the result of the coming general election in the 2015. Let us be in prayer mood for this country. #‎Babaolominownow‬


Prophecy for the Year 2013

2013 is a Wicked Year.

1. The first rain of the year will be strange. It will be full of stone and storm due to the activities of the white men that deplete the atmosphere.

2. As this is a wicked year, the children God must be a giver to get and be above this year’s challenge.

3. There will be wealth transfer to the children of God this year (PS.126)

4. Inflation will be on a rise this year.

5. Principalities(not demons) will be at work this year, 9 out of 10 accidents will lead to death; therefore the 4 Psalms given to the members should be taken serious this year. PS16, 23, 91and 121.

6. For serving the Lord this year, there are a lot of blessings available for His People.

7. God is ready to fight against generational battle this year for those that serves Him.

8. The Hopeless and Barren will laugh this year if they can serve the Lord.

9. Protest of all manners should be avoided this year for the Nation to remain one and not scatter.

10. Iran, America and Israel need prayer. American should not or encourage Israel to attack Iran this year and if they try it, the entire Arabian Nation will rise up against America. Israel and their economy will fall and collapse.

11. We should pray against death for the former President Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, because God still needs him, he is the only one courageous to resolve the issue of Boko Haram.

12. As a matter of urgency, the FG must go into dialogue with Boko Haram to resolve this insurgence. All those in Governance and Leadership in Nigeria should be part of the discussion.